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20% Polyamide 40% Acrylic 40% Combed wool
1.8 oz
153 yards

About this Yarn

This gossamer-light yarn contains 40 % extra-fine combed wool. Its special 5-strand structure means it's extremely soft and makes all your knits hang beautifully. It can be knitted as it is or, for an extra-fluffy feel, try knitting several strands together. Similar in texture to our Norvège yarn, it is also competitively priced. And that's not all - it's machine-washable too!
Number of balls required for one sweater:
Child age 8: 5 balls
Women's M: 8 balls
Men's L: 10 balls
Machine wash, dry flat.

10 balls

8 balls

5 balls

Estimated quantities for a Jersey point model

Wool cycle
Séchage à Plat
No bleaching
No ironing
Normal dry cleaning