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A fast and straightfowrard method to learn how to knit



Knitting basics

Before you start working on a pattern, make sure that the end-result will be perfect by making a tension square (also called a swatch)!
This step is very important and allows you to check that the recommended needle size fits with your way of knitting.
You have got to make sure that your tension square is exactly the same as the tension in our pattern. If it is not, your garment is likely to be too large or too small.

Using the recommended yarn, needles and stitch for the pattern, work a square of at least 6 in (15 cm) on a side. Iron the square lightly on the wrong side under a damp cloth or using a steam iron. If the swatch is worked in ribbing, stretch it slightly. With a ruler, count the stitches to equal 4 in (10 cm) widthways and 4 in (10 cm) lenghtways. Compare the results with the sample given in our instructions.
Your swatch matches ours!
You can start your knitting, being sure that your project will have the same dimensions as the grid.
Your swatch has more stitches and rows?
Your knitting is too tight. Make another swatch with needles one size larger
Your swatch has fewer stitches and rows?
Your knitting is too loose. Make another swatch with needles one size smaller.
When your swatch matches ours, you are ready to follow the instructions. You can expect to end up with a garment that is just right.

Beware: It is important to achieve an exact number of stitches for the design to fit correctly. However, the number of rows can be adapted depending on the height indicated in centimetres.