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A fast and straightfowrard method to learn how to knit



Knitting basics

The Needles
The yarn
The needles are numbered by size, just like a pair of shoes!
- The needle number is the diameter in millimetres.
- The lower the number, the thinner the needle.
- The higher the number, the larger the needle.
The yarns, like needles, have different sizes. To find out which yarn is knitted with which needles, refer to the number listed in the middle of the symbol above, shown on all skeins of yarn.
When starting out, it is better to avoid overly thin yarns, because the thinner the yarn the longer it will take to complete the project.
The amount of wool needed for your project
A pair of needles of the appropriate size
A pair of scissors
A tape measure
A wool needle
Dressmaker's pins