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A fast and straightfowrard method to learn how to knit



Knitting basics

On the right side of the work, slip 1 stitch onto the right needle as if to purl.
Using the left needle pass the slipped stitch over the top of the 2nd stitch on the right hand needle: you have cast off 1 stitch.
Knit the next stitch and with the left needle, pass the 1st stich on needle over the top of the current stitch. One stitch remains on your right-hand needle.
Repeat these steps until you have knit all the stiches on your left needle and only one remains on your right-hand needle. Cut the yarn leaving at least 4 in (10 cm), slip the yarn end into the remaining stitch, then drop the last stitch of your needle.
Backstitched seam
Weaving in the yarn
Place the 2 pieces right sides together. Thread a tapestry needle with the matching yarn, insert the needle through both thicknesses, matching stitch for stitch, and bring the needle out 2 rows further along.
After sewing together the pieces you must weave in the loose ends. On the wrong side of the knitting using the yarn needle, slip the yarn end through a few stitches and then cut the yarn.