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Crochet & knit tips to knit like a pro

All the handy crochet and knit tips
you need to give your knitting that
professional touch, finish it perfectly,
care for your garments and more.

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Caring for your creations

  • To avoid colour differences, don't wash your knitting until you have assembled your finished garments.
  • Avoid felting by using very little detergent. Don't let your knits soak.
  • During the first few washes, it is normal for remaining excess dye to appear in the water. The colour will be stable after 2 or 3 washes.
  • Washing in a machine can cause the yarn to rub on the sides of the drum and create pilling. Always wash your knits inside out to avoid this.
  • For all our yarns, never wash at more than 30°C/86°F or spin at more than 800rpm
  • If your item is made of a delicate yarn, wash it in a pillowcase or a wash bag.
  • If your garment contains white and darker yarns, use a wash sheet to absorb the excess dye from the coloured yarns and protect the white.
  • Squeeze out water gently and dry flat to avoid streching.
  • If you do get pills on your garment, don't pull them off, use a pair of scissors or a clothing shaver.
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Knitter know-how

  • Keep an eye on the state of your needles. Worn, damaged or oxydised needles can damage your yarn.
  • Show your hands some TLC and moisturise them to avoid catching the yarn on dry skin.
  • Avoid knitting when wearing synthetic fabrics such as nylon. They can build up static and can also rub and cause pilling.
  • Always finish the row before putting your knitting down. Stopping in the middle of a row can cause the stitches to stretch.


Woolmark labels

WoolmarkWoolmarkGarments made completely with yarns that carry the Woolmark label can be machine washed (blue label) or machine washed and dried (red label) following the recommendations of your washing machine or drier.

What do the symbols on the label mean?

Here are the most common symbols that you will find on our yarn labels and on the website. 

Lavage à 30°Machine washable at a maximum of 30°C on a wool or delicates programme. Avoid using fabric softener when machine washing hand-knitted garments.

lavage main Hand wash only in luke warm water. Wash and rinse carefully at the same recommended temperature. Squeeze out excess water without wringing, by wrapping the garment in a towel.

Ne supporte pas l'eau de javel Do not use bleach.

Nettoyage à sec profesionnel Dry cleaning by a professional is authorised.

Séchage en machine interdit No machine drying or spin drying. Dry flat away from light and heat.

Séchage en machine Machine dry or spin dry at low temperature.

repassage fer doux Iron at a low temperature.

pas de repassage Do not iron or steam.