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Learn how to knit & crochet

You’re a beginner ? Don’t panic ! We have put together plenty of advice & videos to help you learn the basics of knitting and crochet.

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Our video lessons

Join us on our YouTube channel for a series of crochet and knitting lessons.

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Magazine 164 :
I'm a beginner

This pattern book includes 41 patterns written especially for beginners and plenty of tips to help you from your first stitch to the finishing touches.

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1. Choose your pattern

Tip: For a personal touch, feel free to pick a different colour in the recommended yarn!

Tip: When viewing a pattern on our site, just click on the size you want to make and the quantities will appear, ready to be added to your cart!

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2. Select the right size

Most of our patterns are available in several sizes.

It's important to pick the right size before buying your yarn.

You'll need to measure up!

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Need some help?

On our facebook page or our Ravelry group, you can find other knitters and crocheters who are always ready to help beginners when they get stuck!

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3. Choose your needles

Aluminium needles are particularly suited for beginners. They are sturdy and light and the stitches slide effortlessly - handy if you tend to knit a bit tight to begin with.

Our square profile needles and carbon fibre needles are also very comfortable and sturdy for beginners.

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4. Get your gear together

To start out, you will also need a pair of scissors, some tapestry needles to sew your work with, a crochet to pick up dropped stitches, and a tape measure to keep track of your progress.

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Start with a kit

With our selection of kits, you have the yarn and pattern all in one, all you need is needles! Knit for yourself, for baby or knit with the kids...

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5. Knit your gauge swatch

This step can seem like a drag, especially when you're eager to get started, but a good swatch can prevent a disaster! It ensures the needle size matches the instructions for the way you knit.

For beginners, a swatch is also a good way to try out the basic stitches without risking making mistakes in the final item.

Once you have finished you swatch, you can keep it, or you can unravel it and use the yarnfor your project.

Our top hints for a perfect swatch:

The stitches on the edge of the swatch will tend to be tighter or looser than the rest of the fabric. Cast on more stitches and knit more rows than the number in the pattern.

Flatten out your swatch on a flat surface before measuring.

Using a ruler or tape measure, count the number of stitches and rows in a 10 cm or 4" square.

  • If you count more stitches than the pattern recommends, use a larger size of needle.
  • If you count fewer stitches than the pattern recommends, use a smaller size of needle.
  • Do the numbers match? You're good to go!