Colourful spool knitter

Colourful spool knitter
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About this product

French Knitting is very in at the moment and with this automatic spool knitter you can make cords to decorate whatever you like. This kind of knitter gives very even results, so what are you waiting for? Just turn that handle! Weight supplied. Height 16.5 cm

Customer reviews

« First time user and after a couple of turns I was off and away with knitting. Knitter has good body weight and a clever ‘weight’ for the yarn. Make sure all hooks are open as you turn and you’ll have no problems. Take it slowly at first until confident . Great gadget with good results. »

Helen 24/03/2021


« Great product »

A 22/01/2021


« Really easy to use - very happy »

Jan 23/12/2020


« Best quality, easy to use! »

Lidia 25/07/2020