Hots dogs

Hots dogs
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5% Metal-effect polyester 24% Polyester 71% Cotton
4 ply
1.8 oz
180 yards

About this Yarn

This rounded yarn is a made up with 3 unique qualities : Organic cotton certifi ed GOTS. The yarn is guaranteed to be ethically harvested and responsibly manufactured from a social & environmental point of view and labelled, to provide a reliable guarantee to the consumer. The trilobal polyester produces a brilliant shine reflecting light like a prism.
The very fine metallic polyester has an iridescent shine.
Quantity for a sweater:
Child 8 yrs: 5 balls
Woman M: 8 balls
Man L: 10 balls
Machine wash. Dry flat.

10 balls

8 balls

5 balls

Estimated quantities for a Jersey point model

Wool cycle
Séchage à Plat
No bleaching
No ironing
Normal dry cleaning