Automatic 6-toothed spool knitter

Automatic 6-toothed spool knitter
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About this product

Knitting with this little machine is so easy and fun – every last detail has been thought of. All you have to do is turn the handle and voila! Your length of French knit begins to appear. You can use sizes 3 to 5 yarn. Comes with 2 weights and detailed instructions. Stable feet, unusual shape.

Customer reviews

« Doesn’t work!!!!☹️👎🏻 »

Maxine 26/07/2020


« This arrived in a huge packing box, which seemed a waste even though it is totally recyclable. The product itself is a lovely design and though I haven't produced anything yet I'm hoping to make jumpers for my Maileg mice family. »

Honor 23/05/2020