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Needles sizes conversion chart

As a French company, our knitting needles are traditionally sized using the metric system. But as you are important to us, we have included on our website this handy knitting needle size chart that converts metric sizes to UK and US sizes.

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Metric Size UK Size US Size Metric Size UK Size US Size
2.0 mm 14 0 5.0 6 8
2.25 mm 13 1 5.5 mm 5 9
2.75 mm 12 2 6.0 mm 4 10
3.0 mm 11 - 6.5 mm 3 10 1/2
3.25 mm 10 3 7.0 mm 2 -
3.5 mm - 4 7.5 mm 1 -
3.75 mm 9 5 8.0 mm 0 11
4.00 mm 8 6 9.0 mm 00 13
4.5 mm 7 7 10.0 mm 000 15

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